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Knife Block Holder with Ozone Disinfection

$63.00 $70.00

Make kitchen hygiene a priority.

The smallest amount of cross-contamination can cause adverse food-borne illnesses and traditional knife blocks collect waste viruses and debri. 

A disinfection utensil knife holder is the best food safety and hygiene protocol. The sleek, chrome design will add to your kitchen decor and give you confidence that you are doing all you can to ensure your food prep utensils are clean.

The knives are displayed in an upright position to allow quick and easy access to disinfected knives. The sanitizer slots accommodate variously sized and shaped blades. The holder also has a removable base so you can disinfect the utensils conveniently. 

The holder is designed for long-lasting durability, so it's perfect for domestic and commercial spaces where kitchen hygiene is a priority.

This unit is suitable for a variety of sizes and types: straight knife holders to meet different kitchen knives 


  • LED UVC light disinfection effectively destroys 99% of viruses and bacteria in contact
  • Automatic disinfection for 5 minutes
  • One-key natural drying
  • Suitable for all sizes of knives and utensils 
  • Easy to clean and aesthetic
  • Android USB operation makes this unit perfect for mobile kitchens 


  • Three-dimensional ozone disinfection: strict standards for non-toxic ozone, easy sterilization by three-dimensional ozone 
  • Rest assured material: food grade 430 stainless steel/ABS/PE plastic. 
  • Only 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity in 1 year: Intelligent automatic power-off, automatic intelligent power-off after 30 minutes of ozone disinfection, stop disinfection
  • Removable design: easier to clean, the side holder is detachable to keep the inside clean as new 


Packing list

  • 1 Sterilization knife holder 
  • 1 Type-C charging cable

Main material: stainless steel/ABS/PE
Surface technology: metal wire drawing
Main purpose: disinfection of knives, spoons, and other small utensils 
Net weight: 640g
Size: 15*11.5*22.5(cm)


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