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CPAP Cleaner Machine – Rescare M1

Electrical outlet:

A dirty CPAC hose can make you sick!

CPAC hoses can become dirty, leading to potential health risks for users. Traditional washing methods and expensive solutions may not be enough to sufficiently sanitize them. Rescare M1's CPAC cleaner provides an easy solution that removes 99.99% of contaminants and can also provide air purification, with no need for added solutions. Enjoy the most reliable sanitization for your CPAC machine with this chemical-free, non-filter cleaner.


The Rescare M1 CPAC Cleaner offers powerful cleaning benefits including an impressive 99.99% success rate for killing viruses, bacteria, and germs.

Oxygen is restored within 30 minutes for a disinfected and safe CPAC unit, and its compact design makes it ideal for travel. Operation is simple - just unplug the power, empty the humidifier water, and connect the CPAC pipe. Three cleaning modes - 1-Time, Intermittent, and Continuous - enable a hassle-free sanitization experience. Post-clean-up is easy - a rinse and ventilation of the CPAC hose is all that's required.

Plus, the Rescare Sanitizer is chemical-free and provides a cost-effective and maintenance-free experience.