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Portable Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine

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Hypochlorous acid also referred to as electrolyzed water or HCIO, is a powerful disinfectant naturally produced by the body to fight infection.

Used in antifungal treatments and to combat CV19, this clean-tech washing disc utilizes tap water and a pinch of salt to generate a sanitizing solution for eliminating bacteria, pesticides, and other contaminants on produce. This device is also well-suited for fabric contamination and stains on laundry. Lightweight and portable (<4KG), it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, such as camping, field trips, and classrooms.

With a 5-minute cycle time (up to 10 minutes depending on water quantity) instructions are simple: charge the disc with the included USB cord, fill with water and salt, bathe produce, remove, and enjoy! Learn more about this device in the included manual.

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