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Oxygen Nebulizer & Air Purifier

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Combat respiratory conditions & extended illness from the comfort of your home? This VARON 1-7L/min Home Oxygen Concentrator 101W combines a nebulizer, air purifier, & oxygen generator into one lightweight and easy-to-use device, making it suitable for adults & children alike. Uncover relief for a variety of lung-related maladies with this comprehensive solution.


This Oxygen Concentrator provides adjustable oxygen concentration up to 7L/min; its energy-efficient compressor utilizes pure copper and an oil-free air double-cylinder, consuming less energy than other models. It runs quietly at less than 42 dB, and features a molecular sieve with strong absorption and high oxygen yields. A large LCD screen allows for easy reading and remote control, along with timer and voice functions.This oxygen concentrator has adjustable flow from 1L to 7L/min, suitable for users of all ages. It has low noise, high efficiency, and strong stability, and supplies fresh and clean oxygen. 110V/220V power supply and 150VA output power ensure safety. The package includes oxygen generator, power cord, nasal oxygen tube, filters, fuse, remote, and instruction. Not suitable for serious health issues.