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Drinking Ozonated Water: The Internal Cleansing Process

In pursuing optimal well-being, the spotlight is on a surprising yet transformative addition to your daily routine – drinking aqueous ozone. This blog delves into the remarkable benefits of incorporating this innovative solution into your health regimen, offering insights into benefit from adding ozone water to your health protocol.  Dr. Velio Bocci, the father of ozone therapy, put it well when he said “It depresses me to think that ozone, the cheapest drug on earth, is today either badly or minimally used because orthodox medicine refuses to evaluate it, and Health Authorities are antagonistic or negligent. Both are responsible for leaving millions of people suffering and dying. I must not get discouraged and continue to work and hope that ozone...

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Using Ozone at Home

Using your multi purpose ozone purifier: Please take precautions to ensure the life of your machine. Once you’ve read the instruction manual and connected your hose to the stone, you can press the timer arrow to generate ozone as per the LED timer which will beep once your desired time is met.  Tips for using at multi purpose ozone generator at home or work:   To ozone the air - remove hose from unit and run generator as outlined in instructions  Collect ozone water in a large glass jar and add to laundry to remove contaminants, odors and stain - refresh stale laundry by using our ozone sprayer or pouring ozone water into drum Wash and spray to eliminate spells, and mold -...

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