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What is Aqueous Ozone?

What is Aqueous Ozone?

Aqueous ozone is a solution that contains ozone (O3) dissolved in water. This solution is commonly used as a powerful oxidizing agent for various industrial and environmental applications, such as water treatment, air purification, and food preservation.

The high oxidizing potential of aqueous ozone makes it effective in killing harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, as well as in removing contaminants from water and air.

Aqueous ozone has been shown to have antiviral properties, and can be effective in killing a wide range of viruses, including some of the most common and harmful human pathogens. In laboratory studies, aqueous ozone has been shown to inactivate up to 99.9% of viruses, such as hepatitis A, rotavirus, and human adenovirus, within minutes.

Aqueous ozone has several properties and applications due to its high oxidizing potential. Some of the things that aqueous ozone can do are:

  1. Water treatment: Aqueous ozone is used in the treatment of drinking water, swimming pool water, and wastewater to kill harmful microorganisms, remove contaminants, and improve water quality.

  2. Air purification: Aqueous ozone is used to purify indoor and outdoor air, removing odors, volatile organic compounds, and other pollutants.

  3. Food preservation: Aqueous ozone is used as a sanitizer and oxidizing agent in food processing and preservation to eliminate bacteria and extend shelf life.

  4. Disinfection: Aqueous ozone is used to disinfect surfaces, equipment, and tools in various industries to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and spread of infectious diseases.

Overall, aqueous ozone is an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemical disinfectants and oxidants.