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Althy Hydrogen Water Bottle

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For 30 days, drink electrolyzed H2O to experience its benefits. A research report from NCBI states that drinking hydrogen-rich water for 6 weeks significantly decreased reactive oxygen metabolites in the blood and was able to keep blood oxidation potential stable. Studies have also shown that hydrogen-rich water reduces inflammatory responses and helps to protect the peripheral blood cells of healthy adults in a randomized, double-blind, and controlled trial.


Althy Water Purifier, 380ml | Electrolysis Water

Molecular Hydrogen Water offers a range of benefits to the body. Its small size allows it to enter cells and scavenge and neutralize free radicals, which cause inflammation and affect cellular signaling. It can balance blood pH, and improve energy and muscle protection. Our Althy Water Bottle employs cutting-edge SPE PEM technology with a Dupont USA Proton Exchange Membrane and non-toxic Platinum-coated Titanium electrode plates. In only 6 minutes, it offers an ORP of -450 mV or more, meaning superior antioxidant properties. The 380ml capacity bottle is rechargeable via USB and has a -300 to -600mV ORP, depending on water quality, and 1000-4000ppb hydrogen content.

      IMPORTANT! Add Water

      • Press the switch button, and the cup automatically works for 3 minutes.
      • Blinking Red Light Means – needs to charge
      • During Charging – the GREEN light is ON
      • After Full Charge – GREEN Light is OFF
      • Up to 20 times cycles after full charge