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Aqueous UV Ozone Sanitizing Spray Bottle

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Chemical & alcohol-free sanitizer spray bottle

This revolutionary spray bottle creates aqueous ozone within seconds. Add tap water, and press the button. 

The Aqueous UV Ozone Sanitizing Spray Bottle is an ideal tool for keeping your environment safe and sanitary. This bottle utilizes ultraviolet ozone to effectively disinfect surfaces, eliminating up to 99.9% of microorganisms and germs. Its easy-to-use design makes it effective for both indoor and outdoor settings. Keep your space hygienic and germ-free with this sanitizing spray bottle.

press the button to make a powerful chemical-free solution that's strong enough to disinfect the bathroom yet gentle enough to sanitize a baby's hands. 

Aqueous Ozone Spray is FDA & CDC, GRAS-approved for everyday uses and helps reduce the threat of infection in domestic and business settings. Ozone Sterilization is more than 200~3000 times faster than chlorine and will not leave harmful substances or residue. 

This DIY Sanitizing Spray offers a super-fast, alcohol, and chemical-free bactericide to keep your immediate environment free from infections and contaminations. 

Ideal for Travel / Daycares / Schools/ Businesses/ Sports Facilities / Clinics/ Spas and other "must stay clean zones.


Aqueous Ozone offers over 100 uses and advantages, such as extended-use rechargeable batteries, an ergonomic design that's ideal for travel, and no other chemicals needed (simply use tap water). Plus, it's proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria, such as E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria & MRSA, far exceeding other solutions. Features include a simple push-button operation that produces an ultra-fine mist, safe use on clothing/uniforms, shoes, laundry, food, windows, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel with no residue, and spray to remove pesticides, hormones, and microorganisms. Plus, a battery-level indicator light and 1 micro-USB cable is included.

  • Instructions: 

    • Fill the canister with traditional tap water
    • It comes with a USB charger to support the 280-mm battery. A full charge will last for about 30 to 40 sessions
    • Press the button until the blue UV light creates aqueous ozone water in the chamber
    • Press the button each time to make the sanitizing spray 
    • Spray soft and hard surfaces to eliminate contamination and viruses such as SARS-COVID  

    This spray bottle generates an unlimited supply of disinfecting spray to keep your home, office, and environment clean. This aqueous ozone spray will replace many costly cleaning and sanitization solutions. Remove the smell of soil and surface contaminants. The Spray bottle holds 350mls of ozone.

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