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Small Ozone, UV Spray Bottle

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Chrome / Silver

Stay safe and hygienic on the go!

Make your own chemical-free, no-residue disinfectant spray in minutes. A perfect sanitizing option for kids and sensitive skin. Aqueous Ozone Spray is FDA & CDC GRAS-approved and helps reduce infection risk in homes and workplaces. Ozone sterilization is over 200-3000 faster than chlorine, decomposes to oxygen only, and leaves no harmful substances behind. DIY Sanitizing Spray: An ultra-fast, alcohol-free germicide to keep your surroundings free of contamination.

Instructions: Fill the 15ML canister with tap water, charge the 280-mm battery for 30-40 uses, press the button for blue UV light, press again to make chemical-free, disinfecting spray, and mist onto soft/hard surfaces to combat SARS-COV and other viruses.

This 15 ML compact ozone generator is an excellent alternative to chemical hand sanitizers. Throw it in your diaper bag, backpack, purse, or carry-on bag to wash away 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and illness-causing microorganisms.
Product Parameters
Product Name
Ozone Sprayer Bottle
Water Capacity
15ml tap water
Batter Capacity
Charing one time= 30-40 times/280ma
Color Options
Space Grey and Pink
Aluminum Alloy Chassis +ABS
Ozone PPM
1.5-2.4ppm mg/L.
Blue: Press 1 time, working time 30 seconds.
Green: Full battery
1. Press 2 times, working time 1 min.
2. Low battery, red light flashing.
3. Charging Status.

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