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Multi-purpose Ozone Generator with Car Adaptor

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The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator for home and travel. Say goodbye to filters and hello to a car adaptor for travel and emergency planning in the city and on the road.  

Washing food in aqueous (oxidized water) ozone kills 99.99% of waterborne contaminants and extends the life of our food, which in turn will reduce our carbon footprint. Also, removing free radicals from food supports optimum health.

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Infusing ozone in water creates what's known as "aqueous ozone."  which is recognized by Health Canada Food and Safety, the FDA, USDA, EPA, and the NSF public health and safety organization, as safe for use, an effective antimicrobial agent, and approved for organic food products.

Live produce, grains, and proteins are exposed to many contaminants before they reach us. Washing food in aqueous ozone kills 99.99% of waterborne contaminants and extends the life of our food, which in turn will reduce our carbon footprint. 

Most ozone generators are designed for industrial and commercial use, making them unsafe in occupied spaces. Also, they are pretty expensive and bulky. 

This multi-functional, low-frequency unit is made with German Corona Technology. It generates 300mg of ozone, which is highly effective in removing the threat of infection at home in the office - and the car adaptor makes it ideal for travel. 



  • The 12V DC Car Adaptor is perfect for food trucks, camping, and travel *No electrical cords 
  • Removes E-coli, Viruses, and Bacteria from laundry and other soft surfaces 
  • Clean food prep tools and spaces 
  • Shock treat mold and stale air 
  • Operate while deep cleaning home and office spaces 
  • Drink purified water for optimum health
  • Highly effective and safe for daily use around children, pets, and plants

Multiple Applications 

Drink Aqueous Ozone Water

Many scientific and medical studies demonstrate that drinking oxidated water is good for humans and animals. It increases oxygenation and detoxification and provides several health benefits. 

Aqueous ozone has been certified safe by leading governing bodies worldwide, including the FDA and Health Canada. It is also Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points and Green Seal certified. *Since ozone is a highly oxidated water source, it's recommended to ease into the amount you drink. IE: Drink on an empty stomach or 40 minutes away from food, preferably in the morning (you will most likely void). The ozone water is highest for the first 30 minutes, but you can continue to drink it throughout the day.  

Food Sterilization

Our live food and proteins are exposed to many pathogenic bacteria, antibiotics, growth hormones, and pesticides through growing, packaging, and transportation. Not to mention the number of places that hands transport our consumables.






Driving voltage

12V DC 

Input voltage

100-240V AC  (comes with the power adapter for worldwide use)

Ozone concentration

1000 PPM

Food Prep Safety 
Salmonella, E.coli, and many other pathogens that cause food poisoning are found on utensils and dishes. Washing utensils and dishes that are in contact with meat and vegetables with ozone water will eliminate many common food-borne pathogens and also prevent cross-contamination from handling. The operational cost for ozone production is minimal compared to your other expenses.
Oral Hygiene
Toothbrush bristles become infected by airborne bacteria, toothpaste residue, and food particles from your mouth. Soaking your toothbrush in ozone water for a few minutes every day will destroy bacteria that reside on the bristles. Gargling with ozone water can remove unpleasant odors to keep the mouth fresh and prevent oral infections. It can also treat canker sores and other sensitive oral areas.

Natural Skin Care

Ozone water is an excellent natural skin treatment for softer and healthier-looking skin. It helps to keep the skin clean from germs and less drying than ordinary chemical cleansing substances. Ideal for facial cleansing to reduce pimples caused by germs on your skin. Ozone water is also excellent for a topical treatment to wash sores, ulcers, and burns and use to promote the healing of wounds and skin diseases caused by red, dry, scaly skin inflammation.

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Sanitize any vehicle within 15 to 30 minutes and without running an extension cord. Ideal for on-the-road service businesses such as food trucks. Stay free from cross/contamination while camping or traveling with this purified oxygen water. 

Model No.


Ozone Concentrations:

0.5 ~ 1.0 mg/L in water

Input voltage

100-240V AC

Driving voltage

12V DC

Rated Power 

8 W

Ozone Module

Corona discharge; 300mg/H OZQS0.2-D

Tap water flow 

4 - 8 L/min

Tap water pressure

0.14 - 0.7Mpa

Operate temperature

0 - 60 ℃

Product Size(L x W x H)

223*162.5*54.5 mm

Package Size(L x W x H)

27*24*11 cm

Product Weight

1 kg with accessories

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