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Plasma Skin Care Facial Rejuvenator Massager

$37.00 $67.00
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Plasma meets ozone to repair and rejuvenate skin, reduce dark spots and promote a healthy glow.

We already know that ozone kills germs, and bacteria-adding plasma helps to rejuvenate the skin membrane. This is an easy-to-use skin rejuvenation tool for those new to ozone skincare, also suitable for travel. 

Plasma Therapy, in essence, rejuvenates your skin from within. You will notice a reduction in facial grooves and wrinkles and an increase in facial volume to reduce saggy skin.

The ozone technology has high disinfection and sterilizing capacities, designed to effectively reduce skin inflammation, eradicate acne bacteria, and boost skin cell immunity. When used, the cell attachment molecule (CAM) that binds skin cells is momentarily severed, resulting in an incredible absorption rate and significantly improving skin elasticity and suppleness. 

Product Features:
  • Plasma technology.
  • Efficient penetration.
  • Protective and relieves you of itches.
  • One-button operation.
  • Ergonomic grip design.
  • Safe and reliable to use.
  • The product weight: About 130g
  • Working Principle: ION+ION
  • Rated power: 3.5W
  • Product size: 178*46*53mm
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Nursing parts: Face and body
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
  • Function: Facial cleaning, Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Dead Skin Removal, Anti-acne, Blemish Removal, Anti Wrinkle
  • Commodity Quality Certification: CE
  • Certification: CE