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Government Approval Validates Aqueous Ozone: A Seal of Trust in Cleaning Innovation

Government Approval Validates Aqueous Ozone: A Seal of Trust in Cleaning Innovation

In the realm of cleaning innovations, aqueous ozone stands out for its efficacy and the robust validation it has received from reputable government authorities. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Health Canada have all bestowed their approval upon aqueous ozone, cementing its status as a trustworthy and government-endorsed cleaning solution.

CDC's Stamp of Approval:

The CDC, a premier national public health institute in the United States, plays a pivotal role in safeguarding public health. Aqueous ozone's approval by the CDC underscores its effectiveness in mitigating health risks associated with pathogens and contaminants. This recognition positions aqueous ozone as a go-to solution for maintaining hygienic and safe environments.

FDA Recognition for Safety and Efficacy:

The FDA, known for its stringent evaluation processes, has acknowledged the safety and efficacy of aqueous ozone. This regulatory body oversees the approval of various products, including those related to public health and sanitation. Aqueous ozone's endorsement by the FDA provides consumers with confidence in its ability to meet rigorous standards for effectiveness and safety.

Health Canada's Assurance of Quality:

Health Canada, the federal department responsible for public health in Canada, has also given its nod of approval to aqueous ozone. This recognition signifies that aqueous ozone aligns with the stringent quality and safety standards set by Canadian health authorities. With this endorsement, aqueous ozone emerges as a reliable and government-recognized solution for a range of cleaning applications.

What Government Approval Means for Users:

The approval of aqueous ozone by these esteemed government bodies carries significant weight for users. It serves as a clear indicator that aqueous ozone is not just a novel cleaning solution but a thoroughly evaluated and government-endorsed tool for maintaining hygiene. Users can trust that when they incorporate aqueous ozone into their cleaning routines, they align with the highest standards of safety and efficacy set by these authoritative health entities.

Government approvals from the CDC, FDA, and Health Canada solidify aqueous ozone's standing as a reliable, effective, and safe cleaning solution. As users seek to make informed choices for their health and well-being, aqueous ozone stands as a beacon of trust, carrying the stamp of approval from the highest echelons of health regulatory authorities.

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Aqueous Ozone: Enhancing Food Security and Sustainability

Aqueous Ozone: Enhancing Food Security and Sustainability


Food shortages occur when demand surpasses supply, leading to scarcity and elevated prices. Factors contributing to shortages include natural disasters, conflicts, economic crises, and inefficient food systems. On the other hand, food waste involves discarding edible food fit for consumption at various stages of the supply chain, causing environmental and economic repercussions.


Aqueous Ozone as a Solution

Aqueous ozone technology emerges as a promising solution to combat food waste and enhance food preservation. Studies have shown that aqueous ozone can extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms responsible for spoilage.

Mechanism of Action

Ozone, a highly reactive molecule, oxidizes organic matter and eradicates microorganisms like bacteria, molds, and yeast. This natural and effective process reduces the need for traditional preservatives, such as chemicals and refrigeration, ensuring the preservation of flavor, color, and nutritional value in fresh produce.

Application of Aqueous Ozone

The application of aqueous ozone involves soaking, rinsing, or spraying fresh produce with a carefully controlled solution of ozone dissolved in water. This method ensures the elimination of microorganisms without compromising the quality of the food.

Considerations and Regulations

While aqueous ozone shows promise in extending the shelf life of food, its efficacy can vary based on factors like food type, storage conditions, and the presence of other substances. Aqueous Ozone is approved by The FDA, CDC, and Health Canada.

Aqueous ozone technology stands as a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to address the challenges of food shortages and waste. By integrating this innovative approach into food preservation practices, we can contribute to global efforts in promoting food security, reducing waste, and building a more sustainable future.

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What is Aqueous Ozone?

What is Aqueous Ozone?

The robust oxidizing potential inherent in aqueous ozone sets it apart as a formidable weapon against harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens, effectively eliminating them while also purifying water and air by removing contaminants. Groundbreaking laboratory studies highlight its antiviral prowess, showcasing the ability to inactivate up to 99.9% of viruses within minutes, including notorious culprits like hepatitis A, rotavirus, and human adenovirus.

Aqueous ozone kills germs

Aqueous ozone's versatility knows no bounds, offering a range of applications due to its high oxidizing potential:

Water Treatment: Embraced in treating drinking water, swimming pool water, and wastewater, aqueous ozone efficiently eradicates harmful microorganisms, removes contaminants, and enhances overall water quality.

Air Purification: Employed in indoor and outdoor settings, aqueous ozone is a potent purifier, eliminating odors, volatile organic compounds, and various pollutants to promote cleaner and healthier air.

Food Preservation: Aqueous ozone is a natural sanitizer and oxidizing agent in food processing and preservation. Its prowess in eliminating bacteria ensures food safety and extends the shelf life of perishable items.

Disinfection: Industries leverage aqueous ozone to disinfect surfaces, equipment, and tools, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of infectious diseases.

Aqueous ozone emerges as a game-changer, offering an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemical disinfectants and oxidants. Elevate your commitment to a greener lifestyle with aqueous ozone's powerful and versatile benefits.

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Ozone: Documented Research & Clinical Reviews

Ozone: Documented Research & Clinical Reviews

This is a compilation of clinical reviews and articles to support ozone as an alternative solution for protecting humans and animals against contamination. 

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Unlocking the Power of Aqueous Ozone: A Comprehensive Guide to Health and Hygiene

Unlocking the Power of Aqueous Ozone: A Comprehensive Guide to Health and Hygiene

Discover the transformative potential of aqueous ozone – a powerful yet gentle solution that goes beyond mere cleaning. 

Clinical research reveals that incorporating low-dose ozone into everyday tasks like dishwashing, laundry, and food preparation can eliminate 99.99% harmful microorganisms, thus ensuring a safer and healthier living environment.

Here are some examples of how aqueous ozone can improve your life:


Food Safety and Storage Extension
The efficacy of aqueous ozone in killing harmful microorganisms such as salmonella, E.Coli, arsenic, and Campylobacter has been scientifically proven. Aqueous ozone, infused in water, not only cleans but also extends the storage life of live produce, offering an innovative solution for maintaining food safety and freshness.

Aqueous Ozone's Versatility in Health and Wellness
Aqueous ozone boasts over 100 uses and benefits, making it a versatile addition to your daily routine. From treating local infections, decubitus ulcers, mycosis, and mycotic infections to addressing issues like herpes simplex/zoster, burns, eye injuries, scars, and edemas, its applications in healthcare are extensive. 

See the chart below for examples:

101 Benefits of Ozone: Inside & Out

Systemic Ozone Treatment
In certain cases, systemic ozone treatment is recommended. Medi-Spas utilize ozone devices like those in our beauty tools section to promote healthy, glowing skin, while dentists harness ozone's benefits for mouth sores and diseases. When used for dental hygiene, aqueous ozone neutralizes oral acidity, eliminating oral bacteria and contributing to overall gum care.

Family-Friendly Applications
Despite its potent ability to eliminate viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2, aqueous ozone is gentle enough for everyday use - it is 100% organic and does not cause skill or surface irritation. Imagine using ozone-infused water to confidently clean a baby's hands, toys, clothes, and surroundings, offering a protective shield against childhood diseases like Hand, Foot, and Mouth Diseases. Aqueous ozone does not leave residuals and extends the storage life of live produce.

Ozone Baths for Holistic Wellness
Beyond everyday tasks, incorporating ozonated water into your bathing routine may have profound benefits. Ozone baths are believed to alleviate skin lesions, relieve muscle stiffness and pain, and provide a holistic approach to wellness, merging hygiene with therapeutic advantages.

Embrace the power of aqueous ozone for a cleaner, safer, and healthier lifestyle. From safeguarding your food against harmful microorganisms to unlocking its myriad health and wellness benefits, aqueous ozone is a game-changer.  

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